Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

Amphipsalta Zelandica (Cicada)

The Cicada

The Cicada

At this time of year the bush resounds with a cacophony of cicadas. The first of these insects can be heard from December, but only sporadically. By February/March their numbers are up to full strength, and many an outdoor television interview finds it hard to compete against this backdrop.

The nymphal stages of the cicada live underground for up to five years. When they leave the ground, they climb a short distance up any tree, shed the old skin and emerge as winged insects.


  1. Sharon (Phoenix Daily Photo)

    This is a wonderful photo of a less than appealing subject. Great job!

  2. Tulsa Gentleman

    Cicadas fill the air with noise here in the Oklahoma summer as well. I grew up in a small country town and they were thick there. As boys we liked to catch them and tie a loop of thread around the thorax just behind the wings then let them fly around at the end of their tether. Now I live in Tulsa where the city sprays for mosquitoes which also thins out cicadas and fireflies. I don’t miss the cicadas but I do miss the Lightening bugs.

  3. joan

    This is beautiful. I lvoe the sound of cicadas … it says summer to me.

  4. Paul

    You have really nailed this bug macro photography. Here in Yorkshire and indeed the rest of the UK most of the insect life is pretty small, nothing as exotic as this beauty. Paul @ Leeds daily photo

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