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Mural Painting with Doug Ford (CUE Haven)

Detail of the Mural at CUE Haven

Detail of the Mural at CUE Haven

Doug Ford has featured on this blog before, as creator of murals and numerous painted roadside cabinets (telecommunications and traffic control). Last Saturday we had the opportunity to paint a mural under his guidance at CUE Haven, a former farm along the Kaipara Coast Highway, between Kaukapakapa and Glorit. On previous days, Doug had outlined his design on the three walls of the former milking shed (now nursery), and when we arrived he deployed our talents with skill and good humour. You see him in his red hat below. Another group of people was due to continue the work on Sunday, and eventually Doug will clean it all up to meet his artistic standards.

CUE Haven is a 59 acre farm, now being converted back to New Zealand native bush, the vision and initiative of Tom and Mahrukh Stazyk. They were splendid hosts for the occasion, and made evryone feel part of the project. Tom explained some of the developments that had taken place so far, duly acknowledging a number of sponsors (RESENE paints were foremost on our day, of course).

Read more about CUE Haven.

Tom; Doug and Mahrukh; Doug Makes a Point

Tom; Doug and Mahrukh; Doug Makes a Point



Everybody Paints

Everybody Paints


  1. Tulsa Gentleman

    Here are the artists in all sizes, genders, and ages. What fun. While the results may not rival Rembrandt they have great charm and are infinitely more pleasing than a bare wall. I wish this was being done in more cities.

  2. Thomas Stazyk

    Hi Paul–Thanks very much for your efforts on Saturday and for a wonderful post. It was great meeting you (and learning about your blog). We hope you will come out to CUE Haven soon to see the finished product! –Tom & Mahrukh

  3. Nathalie, Avignon

    So you helped! That must have been fun!

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