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Intercontinental Synchronicity

At Piha Cafe

At Piha Cafe

There is his story, and there is my story, we’ll see if they match up!

His story (jb’s that is, storyteller extraordinaire) appears simultaneously with this post on Mainz Daily Photo.

Two City Daily Photo bloggers and spouses from opposite sides of the globe (in more ways than one), meet up in Titirangi, and click. Off to the Piha Cafe, where we arrived just in time before closing; but their staff were most accommodating, letting us sit and chat and they even recorded the occasion for us (Nikon in Mainz, Panasonic in Auckland). Eventually, chairs on tables signalled time to head to the beach for a walk in the late afternoon.

Could have gone on forever.

jb, Mrs H, Mrs jb and Lion Rock, Piha

jb, Mrs H, Mrs jb and Lion Rock, Piha

South Piha Beach

South Piha Beach


  1. jb

    “Could have gone on forever.” Absolutely

    Nice one, Paul

  2. Kate

    Since you’re a friend of jb and ms jb, you’re now a friend of mine. Love your photos, too. Terrific shots, esp. those with animated conversations.

  3. Steffe

    Must have been a fun day.

  4. Christoph

    What a great story! Looks like a good time was had by all… Lovely pics as well.

  5. nathalie in avignon

    How I wish I could have joined you! If all goes well I’ll get to meet jb in May too.

    Your story and jb’s complement each other very well, and your photos do to.
    I love the reflection in the last one, the superb scenery in the second, and the group portrait in the first.

    Maybe it’s just the photo but you and jb seem like twin brothers!

  6. Carola

    Amazing, just amazing. I have nothing new, because all five commentators before wrote what I was thinking too.
    So wonderful. Thank you.

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