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Filling a Gap

Clouds from my Deck

Clouds from my Deck

As I was looking up the other day, there was a group of clouds that nicely fitted into the contours of the trees in our neighbourhood. Blue and white – a gorgeous day!

More Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site!


  1. Honoured to have experienced this in person…

  2. It’s a beautiful sky, one which I hope to see soon in snowy Minnesota. Along with all that wonderful greenery, too!

  3. White puffy clouds, blue sky and green plant life… you can’t get any better than that.

  4. Gorgeous skies! Love that blue and such lovely, puffy clouds!! I’m SO ready to see more of those here in Seattle! Hope you have a great weekend, Paul!


  5. Beautiful Sky shot.

  6. Looks so gorgeous!

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