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Impala Resting

Alex with His Impala

Alex with His Impala

At one point of our Urbis Design Day circuit, we passed this stylish vehicle. A Chevrolet Impala (Wikipedia describes this as a “full-size automobile”…) from 1959. Alex, the proud owner was at hand and kindly agreed to pose with his pet. He had it restored to mint condition a couple of years ago, and obviously looks after it. Probably never saw a parking building from the inside. Rejuvenates me just looking at it.

Hey, does that say “Tow Away” in the lower picture? When we came back, the car had disappeared. Ominous.

[Edit 23 March: I found more about this car and its owner on the site of New Zealand Classic Car Magazine.]

The Impala is a species of gazelle from Africa (“Capable of leaping and bounding to avoid predators, fleet-footed impalas roam the savannas and plains of Africa” is the caption on the linked article).




  1. leif hagen

    That Chevy Impala is in MINT condition! What a gem of a car! We used to have a 1980s Chevy Impala – not a dream car!

  2. Walk In New York

    WAOUHH elle est magnifique cette voiture et quel design, j’adore

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge “Walk In The Street Photography”

  3. joan

    The fins on that car are amazing.

  4. Gunn White

    That is a unique car, looked after with lots of LOVE!

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