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Edges at the Edge of THE EDGE®

Painting Q Theatre

Painting Q Theatre

The April theme for the City Daily Photo bloggers is “Edges”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

THE EDGE® comprises Auckland’s convention precinct, including the Town Hall, Aotea Centre, Civic Theatre, maybe more. It’s a registered trade mark, so maybe I need legal advice before I use the e-word again. The wall shown here is right beside the Town Hall, hence it is at the edge of THE EDGE®. And there is no shortage of edges as these painters notice with every stroke of the roller.

The building is a new theatre, called Q Theatre, due to open later this year.


  1. Steffe

    All we need now is some music, why don’t you give The Edge a call?

  2. J Bar

    Terrific edge post. Great find.

  3. Francisca

    What a great image for the theme! The men working on the edgy surface add to the interest. I came for a visit from CDP, especially since I have a niece living in your city.

  4. 'Tsuki

    Stunning structure… This architectural ornement capture the light as non is able to do so… You chose wisely to take such a picture : the sunlight is perfect on it.

  5. Nathalie, Avignon

    Wow, this photo fits the theme in more ways than one – well done!

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