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Rick’s Unique Clocks

Rick and His Unique Clocks

Rick and His Unique Clocks

You find him at Titirangi and Oratia Markets. Rick is proudly showing off his wares, a must have for the serious petrolheadmotoring enthusiast. Not sure if they work if you clip them on to your vehicle, but certainly a conversation piece for the lounge (or for the shed, if you are lucky enough to have one). Note: they all show the same time (well, not the ones on the banner below, they are painted…).

His T-shirt says “Buy this man a beer”. You can contact Rick for this purpose on +64 21 1277677.

Rick's Unique Clocks

Rick's Unique Clocks (Titirangi Market)


  1. A fun, unique idea! I bet antique car collectors are his best customers!

  2. what a great idea and what a great looking man ….i would like to meet his father!

  3. Awesome site bro xoxo

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