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Feijoa on the Platter

Feijoa on the Platter

Feijoa (Acca sellowiana, known in some countries as “pineapple guava”, not a bad name to capture an idea of the taste) come on the market between March and June. They are a unique fruit full of flavour. I like them best fresh (cut in half and scoop out), but they can be used in many ways for baking and cooking, even for fruit wine.

The feijoa plant was originally found in Southern Brazil in the nineteenth century, and introduced to New Zealand in the 1920s. Unfortunately, feijoa have to be harvested when they are ripe and have a limited shelf life after that.




  1. Julie

    Does the flavour explode in one’s mouth? The internal ‘design’ puts me to mind of the logo used by the USA for nuclear weapons …

  2. -k-

    I love the close-up of the cross-section. It’s worth examining. Intricate yet simple.

  3. Kate

    Don’t think I’ve ever eaten these but I’d like to do that!

  4. Vicki


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