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From the Mountain Top

Evening on Mount Donald McLean

Evening on Mount Donald McLean

You can almost drive up to the top of Mount Donald McLean (398m above sea level). A fork in the Whatipu Road leads to a car park from where the Mount Donald McLean Walk spirals up to the top, about 15 minutes — downhill is easier! Two viewing platforms give excellent views of the Manukau Harbour towards the east and Manukau Heads/Whatipu to the west, and a great overview of bush clad hills.

Donald McLean (1820–77) arrived in New Zealand in 1840 and became an influential figure in early colonial New Zealand (Land Purchase Commissioner and Native Minister).

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  1. Kim,USA

    Wow magnificently stunning!! Happy weekend!


  2. Sylvia Kirkwood

    What a breathtaking capture, Paul! A glorious way to begin or end a day! Superb! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  3. Magical Mystical Teacher

    With sunsets like these, who needs TV?


    I wonder why
    Some love the sky
    But not the wind and rain.

    I wonder, friend,
    If sky will end—
    It’s too much for my brain!

    © by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tree Folk & Sky

  4. jb

    I believe he was also a successful toothpaste manufacturer….

  5. Lady Fi

    Wow – a magical sight! Lovely shot.

  6. betty manousos

    What an exquisite shot!
    Love your photography.

    Visiting via skywatch

  7. betty manousos

    Beautiful shot!
    Visiting via skywatch

  8. betty manousos


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