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Letterbox at 452 Huia Road, by Iain Cathcart

Letterbox at 452 Huia Road, by Iain Cathcart

The CityDailyPhoto theme for the month of May is “Mailbox”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

The one above is by far the most charming letterbox I know, and I am happy to show a repeat of the image of January 26. This quirky letterbox at 452 Huia Road, Laingholm, inspired the good people at Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens in Kaukapakapa, to run a design competition for weird and wonderful letterboxes. Long after I had first noticed (and photographed) this ferrocement letterbox, it turned out that Iain Cathcart had designed and built it, and that his mother lives near us. Small world, as they say.

Not to be accused of downright lazyness for recycling an old image, I add another mailbox which I found in Wood Bay, Titirangi.

Thomas as Letterbox in Wood Bay

Thomas as Letterbox in Wood Bay


  1. So … if the postman puts the letter in through the lips, does the householder have to retrieve the letter through the teeth? Perhaps, only if the letter is an invoice … both are great examples …

  2. Two really interesting, fun mailboxes! I especially like the big red LIPS mailbox! Nice snaps for theme day!

  3. Those are just too, too clever and cute. Great find!!!!! Mickie 🙂

  4. The lips box is truly an artwork!
    Great one Paul!

  5. these are both awesome. the top mailbox with lips wins number one today as the best theme for mailboxes. great finds

  6. Both absolutely brilliant, Mick Jagger came to mind when I saw the ‘lips’ mail box.

  7. Fantastic mailboxes, specially the first one!!!

  8. That first one is definitely one of the most unique ones I’ve seen, it made me laugh.

  9. Very cool mailboxes! Wonderful!

  10. Both good. One for adults, one for children. 🙂

  11. Nothing wrong with repeating a post, esp if it is as clever as the top photo … I did the same thing today! Had to laugh since the anti-spam word today was “crafty!”

  12. Now these are the kinds of mailboxes I remember from a trip to NZ. I took lots of photos because everyone seemed so creative.

  13. That red mouth is a unique mailbox and I want it!

  14. That top one is just wild and crazy. I love it.

  15. wow , very original !

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