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Time for Celebration: 500 Posts on Auckland-West

The Mantis

The Mantis

This is post number 500, having started this photo blog on Christmas Eve 2009. Thanks for all comments over the time, I enjoy the contacts. And if you are in Auckland today, come to the Swiss Market, 6 Rockridge Avenue, Penrose (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.), and say hello. Mrs H and I will have a stall there (paintings, gift tags, mini pecan pies, greeting cards, photoblocks).

Since I am in the habit of showing reflections on a Saturday, we celebrate with a reflection shot of a praying mantis that has landed on the sliding door of a motel unit when we were away for a weekend recently.

There are two species of praying mantis in New Zealand: the New Zealand praying mantis (Orthodera novaezealandiae) and the South African praying mantis (Miomantis caffra). The picture shows a female of the South African version. These insects were first recorded in New Lynn in 1978. They have spread and it is thought that they are displacing the NZ species.

Find more weekend reflections at James’ Newtown Area Photo.


  1. Gunn White

    Unique, and a pretty image!
    – Have a nice weekend!:)

  2. jennyfreckles

    These creatures always remind me of gentlemen in old-fashioned frock coats.

  3. Carola

    Congratulation to no. 500! Your blog is great. I like your photos and the texts.
    And this makro reflection insect shot is outstanding.

  4. VioletSky

    I wonder why they are displaying the native ones?
    Congrats on 500 posts. I wish I were closer to buy one of your pecan pies!

  5. 'Tsuki

    Wow… Very nice macro indeed… I love the way the insect looks at the focus, in fact.

  6. Ebie

    What a perfect macro shot!

    Congratulations on your 500th post and good luck to your sales & display!

    Greetings from Southern California!

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