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Bright and colourful and full of sweetness, it’s one of my favorite fruits in autumn. As a student I was introduced to the old-fashioned (astringent) kaki, which you have to ripen carefully until it goes soft, revealing its full flavour – then you spoon it out of the skin. But the present-day varieties are firm-fleshed and crisp.

Below is a heavily laden persimmon tree which caught my eye in Riverhead a few days ago. The leaves have fallen, just the orange fruits remain.

Persimmon Tree, Riverhead

Persimmon Tree, Riverhead


  1. jb

    And how was the Hallertau Brewery..?!

  2. Paul

    I just had to look this up, over here in England when you see these at the grocers they are called Sharon fruit, which is apparently the trade name of the main supplier. I had heard of persimmon, though here it is also a large home construction company. They say you learn something every day!

  3. joan

    I have never really understood persimmons but I sure like your photo.

  4. Kate

    The photo is wonderful…deep yet vivid shades of, shall I say, persimmon (orange)!

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