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That Hat!

To Bea or not to Bea

To Bea or not to Bea

It’s now in Mount Albert. The hat that raised so many a question mark. But don’t come to me for answers, they (and more questions) can probably all be found on facebook. But if you want instructions, you may wish to speak to Carolyn of Le’ Chapeau Millinery at 822 New North Road, Mount Albert, where you can enrol in workshops. Since unveiling this window display, she fielded many a comment and reaction. And graciously posed for me as well in the image below. Thanks Carolyn.

The late afternoon sun shone in from the west, just what was needed for a Weekend Reflection. For more weekend reflections, go to James’ Weekend Reflections site.

Pictures of the original hat and its wearer may be found at the Ministry of Gossip.

Edit after breakfast: I just notice that this morning’s New Zealand Herald has a story about this hat, too.

Carolyn at Le' Chapeau Millinery

Carolyn at Le' Chapeau Millinery


  1. Emille

    How nice of her! And a great reflection pic:)

  2. 'Tsuki

    Carolyn looks perfect on this display : her outfit is lovely ; please tell her I like it very much…

    The first picture with this stunning question mark is amazing… Well done, and nice choice for the week…

  3. Kate

    Well, that silly hat certainly has gotten lots of publicity for Ms Bea. Carolyn at le’Chapeau was smart to take advantage of it!

  4. Steffe

    I tried my best to not see anything from that wedding but I did see this hat and a discussion about Pippa’s behind.

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