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Look and Listen! (Toby Twiss)

Look and Listen! (Toby Twiss)

Look and Listen! (Toby Twiss)

In St Leonards Road Kelston and also in the Kaurilands/Atkinson Roads area, “sculptural gateways” like the ones shown here are found along the roadside. They are the work of Toby Twiss, and the “Town Centre Art” page of the former Waitakere City has this to say:

Artist Toby Twiss was brought in to work with students from the six Kelston schools, to produce a series of sculptural ‘gateways’ into the area. These gateways depict images created by the students relating to speed and road safety. The idea behind these artworks was to help slow traffic down by putting up symbols related to speed and reminding drivers that there are children in the area. They were also conceived as a way of building pride in the area through a community arts project.

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Children About! (Toby Twiss)

Children About! (Toby Twiss)


  1. robert

    outstanding !

    daily athens

  2. J Bar

    So cool.

  3. Hilda

    Cute! I sure hope motorists heed them, for the children’s sake.

  4. Kate

    The creativity is more fun to see than the more standard traffic signs; I particularly like the bottom one.

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