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Green and Gold

Green and Gold

The kiwifruit season is upon us, with plentyful supplies. Green or Gold, and full of juice and flavour and vitamin C. In fact, a recent study reveals that the vitamin C uptake from kiwifruit is five times more effective than taking vitamin supplements (if you are a mouse and eat ZESPRI® GOLD kiwifruit).

Up Close

Up Close


  1. Gunn White

    well Kiwi has a long way to “go” before arriving in Norway!:)
    Love Kiwi!:)

  2. Leif Hagen

    So, why do they call you New Zelanders “kiwis?!”

  3. Steffe

    I often buy kiwi fruits in my local Konsum store. Don’t think I have ever tried the gold version.

  4. jb

    And a mere $0.99 a kilo at Fresh Choice in Nelson…

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