Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

There is a Dog in that Tree!

The Norfolk Pine

The Norfolk Pine

As I parked my car at Lynnmall shopping centre, I heard the occasional yapping from a car nearby. On my return, I saw the little dog eagerly awaiting the return of the master. In the afternoon sun, my shot saw more of the reflected Norfolk Pine than of the critter in the car, though.

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  1. 'Tsuki

    Funny composition : I like it very much ! You have quite an eye for this sort of things… Well done !

  2. Emille

    Very clever! At first I thought the doggie were clouds in the sky:)

  3. Carola

    Unique reflection. A dog and a pine. Marvelous shot.

  4. Ms. Becky

    I’m loving this shot. very much.

  5. jb

    Undoubtedly PINING for his/her master….

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