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Hydrangea in Autumn

Hydrangea in Autumn

Hydrangeas are beautiful all year round. They charm with colourful big heads of flowers, and later the faded skeletons of the flowers are still a feast of patterns and textures.

Around our area, hydrangeas are popular as garden plants, but there are also a good number of “garden escapees” along roadsides.

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  1. David

    This is really a fantastic photo. At first it looks like snow, but then it becomes that delicate decomposition of the hydrangea flowers. It has great movement.
    As a gardener who grows this flower, I can say I’ve never thought to photograph it in Autumn. Cool!
    Happy B&W
    David/ Houston

  2. Tulsa Gentleman

    I love this photo. I am just now convinced to grow hydranges.

  3. tash

    this is absolutely fantastic! such creative photography. such unusual beauty.

  4. joan

    I often photograph these in my garden as the season fades but have not done them in B&W. These look great.

  5. Dragonstar

    It’s a cloud of lace. Beautiful.

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