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Millennium Marker

Millennium Marker, Waikumete Cemetery

Millennium Marker, Waikumete Cemetery

The highest point in the huge grounds of Waikumete Cemetery is occupied by a water reservoir. Nearby is an area affording wide views across to the city of Auckland, an for the benefit of the viewer, a polished stone table indicates points of interest. In the foreground, and mostly hidden from view, various parts of the cemetery – the white building in the centre of the image is the crematorium and chapel; in the middle ground for example the Avondale racecourse, and then the landmarks against the horizon (from left): Rangitoto Island, Mount Eden, Mount Albert, and One Tree Hill.

The inscription reads: Millennium Marker // A Gift to Waitakere City from the Friends of Waikumete // 1st January 2000 // Created by Thompson Memorials and Trethewey Granite and Marble

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Millennium Marker, Waikumete Cemetery

Millennium Marker, Waikumete Cemetery


  1. jb

    What a wonderful idea

  2. Nonizamboni

    Nice capture with many facets–including the great reflections of the clouds on the marker. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kim,USA

    The marker is perfect to the backdrop landscape. Great shot!


  4. Wanda

    What a most interesting shot…love the overall view and the plaque in the foreground. Nice.

  5. Mickie Brown

    Those are totally amazing clouds. Beautiful! Mickie 🙂

  6. Laura Hegfield

    beautiful bands of clouds…and the reflection on the monument is wonderful.

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