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Two Flat Whites @ A Tavola

Two Flat Whites @ A Tavola

jb, global wanderer (click the links to follow in his steps – well some of them, anyway), equally at home in Mainz as in Aotearoa-New Zealand (to name but two places in order to keep this post to an acceptable length), made an appearance in Titirangi recently. We had an extended flat white at “A Tavola”, in the historic Lopdell House, overlooking the trees.

Charming stories, great observation of people and events, always a pleasure to meet up. For another version of the encounter – and the view from the iphone, visit Mainz Daily Photo.

The City Daily Photo community is big enough to keep him traveling for years to come.


  1. Kate

    My goodness, but jb certainly does get around!

  2. leif Hagen

    Yummy coffee drinks! Scrumptious photo!

  3. Virginia

    Ahhh, you had the pleasure of meeting our friend JB as well! Sounds like you two had a grand time. Blogging is great, no? Meet some great people.

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