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Winter (Waimauku)



It is the winter solstice today, at 05:16 this morning, to be precise, the very moment when this post is published. Winter in New Zealand starts on June 1, but in other countries the convention is to align the seasons with solstice and equinox dates. In this spirit we acknowledge winter with this warmly wrapped up statue above the entrance to the Settlers Country Manor and Gamekeepers Restaurant in Waimauku. I can’t think of any other places around here where there are representations of the seasons. Maybe I did not look?

A coat to keep him warm, a fire at his feet, and even a burglar alarm to keep him safe.

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  1. Paul, normally I admire your blog, but I must say that it is ungentlemanly of you to remind me of approaching winter..,After our summer solstice, there’s no turning back. Delightful and whimsical statue, though.

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