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The Rugby World Cup 2011 will take place in this country from September 9 to October 23, watch the clock counting down to kick-off on the official website. The country is preparing to show itself in the best light, and refurbished stadiums are part of that effort. Especially of course the temple of our national religion: Eden Park.

Apart from new stands and amenities, there are four carved pou at the four corners, and this is one of them: Rongomātāne, carved by Albert Te Pou, guarding Entry E.

From the interpretive plaque:

Rongomātāne, Maori God of peace, signifies completion in the psyche of man. In contrast to the traits of the Gods Tānemāhuta, Tāwhirimātea and Tūmatauenga, Rongomātāne represents the calmness, fairness and understanding of humanity. He stands with the wahaika at his front to ward off evil and holds a toki behind his back. The toki or adze is a customary symbol of peace between two parties.

Although Eden Park is a realm of sporting confrontation, the presence of Rongomātāne reminds us that contests fought in this arena must be underpinned by the values of respect, fairness and, ultimately, peace.



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  1. Interesting art. I wonder if Sweden ever will be able to get a decent rugby team. So will the All Blacks win?

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