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Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella

The Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius) is an introduced bird from Australia, but now quite widespread in New Zealand. There are quite a few throughout Auckland City parks as well as in the Waitakere Ranges. Often in pairs and in small flocks of six to eight. This one kindly posed near our deck when Mrs H alerted me to its presence.


  1. jb

    Have you read Steve Braunias’s “How to watch a bird”?. I think you might enjoy it/

  2. Steffe


  3. Kate

    The bird is beautiful; great capture. I’m please that you posted it for our viewing pleasure. I check the book that jb recommended. Our library system doesn’t have it, but Amazon does. Think I’ll get it.

  4. Madge

    I would love to see a parrot in the wild… I have an African Grey, he is a delight!

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