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Looking South on the Mercer Bay Loop Track

Looking South on the Mercer Bay Loop Track

The City Daily Photo community‘s theme for August is “postcard-worthy”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

The Mercer Bay Loop Track has featured here before. It must be one of the most awe inspiring walks in the Waitakere Ranges, especially on a fine day like this, with or without massive clouds. I don’t know if this would sell as a postcard, but I would be happy to post it (can one still send postcards?), as it encapsulates much of what I enjoy about our West Coast in Auckland.


  1. Julie

    I am not sure that I am any longer up to the walk/climb Paul, but I would love to simply sit and enjoy. Those clouds appear to be almost within reach. Is that cloud-shadow that I see in the distance. Earth meeting sky is a most powerful image.

  2. Carola

    Indeed postcard like. For sure a high goal for a theme day. This is so beautiful. That MUST be a great hike.
    Yesterday I got a postcard from Austria (to Germany). Every time my parents are going on holiday they send me one.

  3. Kate

    It is a magnificent view, esp. the curve of the beach which is outlined by the whitecaps.

  4. dianne

    This postcard would intice me to make a visit to your beautiful country – well chosen.

  5. Nathalie (Avignon-in-Photos)

    A perfect postcard indeed – just spectacular !

  6. Lachezar

    Stunning Paul, absolutely beautiful!
    I haven’t done this trail. I’ll make sure I do it as soon as possible.

  7. Tanya

    i love rugged beaches like this one…so pretty!!

  8. Irina

    Now I want to be a bird. Bravo!

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