Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

Yellow Berries on Blue Sky

Chinaberry (Melia Azedarach)

Chinaberry (Melia Azedarach)

Some Streets of Auckland are lined with these Chinaberry trees, which are a particular delight in winter after their leaves have fallen. The berries stay on for quite a length of time and make a blue sky even more attractive.

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  1. Kat

    Don’t know much about these trees. If the berries stay on I’m assuming that humans are not interested in them. Are they toxic for both humans and birds? The tree with its berries against the blue sky is very attractive.

  2. London Caller

    I love this strong bold contrast!

  3. Write Girl

    Beautiful sky…I love the bright yellow berries. I wonder if those berries taste sweet? Yum. Happy Sky Watch!

  4. Kim,USA

    Very beautiful colors! Love it!

    Sunset reflection

  5. Magical Mystical Teacher

    I haven’t seen chinaberry trees for many years. Thanks for the memories!


    Sky of wonder, sky of bliss,
    Who would think a sky like this
    Would permit my eyes to see
    Sun and moon and stars for free?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Desert Hills Sky

  6. Steffe

    New to me, but it’s a good photo with the blue sky.

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