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Leo Downey, Buffalo Rancher, Musician - Golden BC

Leo Downey, Buffalo Rancher, Musician - Golden BC

Leo Downey is a buffalo rancher just north of Golden BC (Canada). Originally from California, he fell in love with the beautiful scenery, a sample of which can be seen below. He farms buffalo for meat and breeding. We found him by following signs “Buffalo Tours” as we had passed the town of Golden in Kicking Horse Country, on our way back to Vancouver (700 km to go).

A laid-back fellow, he will tell you all about the animals, about life in a beautiful setting with harsh winters and dangerous wildlife, and make you feel at home in this awesome environment. We had a most pleasant break of our journey. The encounter lingered on as we played his CD in the car – he is a musician as well.

Meet him online at and

After a few weeks away on a trip to Canada, I will be showing some of what we saw along the way over the next few days.

Buffalos and Scenery

Buffalos and Scenery


  1. Sophie

    Wow Opa! That seems really interesting! Did you count how many buffalo there were? Was this a buffalo pro? I hope you’re reading my blog as well! Are you a buffalo expert? Do you know a lot about buffalo’s? Do you know a little about buffalo’s? There are so many questions to ask and answers to answer already!

  2. Sophie

    Wow Opa! that is so interesting! I hope you’re reading my blog as well! Is that person a buffalo expert? there are so many questions already!

  3. Tatjana Parkacheva

    Wonderful post and your photos, too.


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