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In Convict Garb?

Henry Atkinson Statue

Henry Atkinson Statue

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This statue of a dapper Henry Atkinson (1838-1921) stands at the corner of Lopdell House in Titirangi. In particular light, he appears to wear stripy convict garb. The reason for this is visible on this picture (taken at a different time of day and year).

Henry Atkinson, a civil and water engineer, arrived in New Zealand in 1863 to supervise the construction of the Auckland Gas Works, where he was director for 35 years. In the 1870’s he became interested in Titirangi, purchasing significant blocks of land. Mount Atkinson is named after him, and this statue originally stood on top of Mount Atkinson (moved down because of vandalism). Later he gifted sizable areas of land to the city for the construction of a water supply from the Nihotupu Stream.

Much more information on Henry Atkinson and the history of Titirangi may be found in the book “Titirangi – Fringe of Heaven” by Marc Bonny (West Auckland Historical Society, 2011).


  1. Tatjana Parkacheva

    Nice photo.


  2. Dragonstar

    Fun! A good photo.

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