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Let’s Meet at the Vanishing Point

The City Daily Photo theme for the month of September is “Perspective”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Cornwallis Wharf

Cornwallis Wharf

In perspective drawing, parallel lines (which are not parallel to the image plane) meet in a point (called the vanishing point of these lines – so who said “parallel lines do not meet”?), and all such points form the “line at infinity” (the horizon). This is a picture of fishermen at Cornwallis wharf, meeting (almost) at a point at infinity. (Distant mist helped in providing a clean horizon, hiding the hills on the other side of the Manukau harbour.)

With our cameras it is easy to create 2-dimensional likenesses of 3-dimensional scenes. But spare a thought for the Renaissance pioneers of geometry, e.g. Alberti, Brunelleschi, Dürer, Leonardo… The desire for realistic representations of the physical world led these painters to geometric investigations of the underlying principles, which in turn inspired great mathematics (projective geometry in particular).

"Allegory of Geometry" (Laurent de la Hire, 1649)

"Allegory of Geometry" (Laurent de la Hire, 1649)


  1. Steffe

    Clever photo for the theme day Paul.

  2. Ben

    It looks like going forever. I like what you did the alignment of the tip of wharf and horizon,

  3. Lachezar

    Love this wharf and your image!
    Cheers Paul

  4. Kate

    You really gave some thought to this post. Like both of them and can imagine myself in the top photo.

  5. J Bar

    terrific theme day shot

  6. Nathalie - Avignon

    I love the way you managed to get the wharf’s perspective to end right at sea level. What a perfect exercise in perspective! Yes the “science of art” developed by our predecessors deserves much appreciation.

    Anti-spam word : heaven !
    Too good to be true eh?

  7. chubskulit

    Gorgeous capture!

    Sky Writers, have a good weekend.

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