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Adopt a Second Team (Le’ Chapeau Millinery)

Welcoming the USA Team

Welcoming the USA Team

To show that we are good sports in this country (and probably also to bring some colour into what would otherwise be a town decked out in all black), the “Adopt-a-second-team” initiative was launched. Different suburbs are allocated one of the visiting teams as second favorite team. In the case of Mount Albert it is USA, with stars and stripes aflutter. With blue, white and red, and tongue in cheek, Carolyn of Le’ Chapeau Millinery on New North Road extends her stylish welcome. Compliments – or should I say: tip of the hat!

(Oh, I am talking Rugby World Cup here – even this blogger can’t escape the fun and games of the occasion. By the way, the USA won their first game on Thursday night: USA 13 – Russia 6.)

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  1. 'Tsuki

    That is the best disguise for flag day ! 😀

  2. VioletSky

    It is fun when everyone gets creative like this.
    BTW was Canada adopted? (we won our first game, too Good luck to them against France!)

  3. Steffe

    Ha, that is a bit different.

  4. paul

    @VioletSky Nobody missed out. Canada is adopted by Sandringham (not far from Eden Park – Temple of Rugby) and Wellsford (north of Auckland). I’ll have a look out for Maple Leaves fluttering in the storms we have of late.

  5. Tatjana Parkacheva

    Very good photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Nathalie - Avignon

    Great initiative, getting the locals to adopt a a second team (quite true that an all-black suburb or city would lack joyful colour, LOL !).

    I love the way Carolyn played the game. Hat off to her indeed !!!!

  7. Paul

    This is what being sports fans is and should be all about, wanting your team to do well, but not the exclusion of all else. I felt for the Namibians being shown how to play the game by South Africa.

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