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Reality …

Sidymella sp.

Sidymella sp.

… is for people with no imagination — or so goes an old saying. But in this case you might be well advised to stick to reality and control your imagination. My 86 year old neighbour was well off the mark when she commented “Well hung”, on seeing this picture.

The City Daily Photo theme for the month of October is “Mystery Object”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

It is, as Julie of Sydney-Eye noticed, a spider in two views. This critter was descending from the ceiling, spinning (in both senses of the word) as it came within comfortable reach of the camera. The shots were taken with flash, meaning that the empty space around the spider turns out near-black (and fully blackened in post processing).

This is a crab spider, genus sidymella, maybe a bit over 2cm in this stretched out position. Crab spiders are ambush hunters, they do not build webs to catch their prey. But they spin silk to dangle on, and probably for their egg sacs.

I hasten to add that this creature was alive and well before, during, and after the shots, the following two images were taken a short time later when the spider had settled on a wooden ledge below. Here is an image of a sidymella in greener surroundings.

Sidymella sp.

Sidymella sp.

Sidymella sp.

Sidymella sp.


  1. Lachezar

    Truly mysterious… a bit creepy though!

  2. Julie

    The over and the under of a Golden Orb spider perhaps … I agree with you neighbour that the head looks like he could in other circumstances and looking with different eyes, appear to be well-hung!!!

  3. Oakland Daily Photo

    Whatever it is, it creeps me out.

  4. julie

    uggh, frogs

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