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After the Party

The Revellers Have Left

The Revellers Have Left

The table in front of Revel Café is deserted, the excitement of the Rugby World Cup almost forgotten, time to consider the harsh realities, like the Rena oil spill, the financial crises, Christchurch earthquake, and more – not least amongst them an election and referendum on November 26.

But wait, we have one more day of merrymaking, as we have a long weekend, Labour Day giving us a chance to return from the high.

(KBB Music and Revel Café in Karangahape Road)


  1. nathalie

    Excitement of the Rugby World Cup almost forgotten? Really?
    French news are still full of stories of that grand final.

  2. paul

    Granted. Nathalie, not everyone is as prone to forget as myself! And the NZ Herald still has 4 pages of “Rugby Herald” – for weeks this was subtitled “The paper they read in heaven” — today it says “Heaven, we are in Heaven”!

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