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Fencing in or Fencing out?

Sand Dune, South Piha

Sand Dune, South Piha

The City Daily Photo theme for November is “Fences”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

The purpose of this rope fence at South Piha Beach is to keep people off the fragile dunes. But then, don’t encourage the dunes too much, or the parking lot (where I am standing) will become a sandpit …

Behind the dune is South Piha Beach, and a fierce wind is blowing in, coming straight from Australia. It carries fine sand over the crest of the dune which settles like sifted flour on the leeward side, to the delight of the sparrows.

Sand Dune, South Piha

Sand Dune, South Piha


  1. An exercise in futility, methinks. Love the wee sparrow …

  2. I imagine this fence comes and goes and it’s probably difficult to know where it will show up.

  3. Beautiful photographs and great choice Paul!

  4. A fence in hiding. Quirky choice … well done.

  5. The sand must blow around a lot there!

  6. Oh, this is fantastic. My favorite so far!

  7. Now this is a fence that needs a fence!

  8. What absolutely fabulous photos. I love these shots – really feel as if I’m there in the dunes, wind blowing. Fantastic!

  9. Amazing beautiful photos. I like very much how you show the theme. And great blog, great!

  10. You have posted two splendid photos of the dunes! I can feel the windswept atmosphere and can SMELL it!

  11. Very nice take on the theme. I especially like the one with the sparrows and the barely there post of the fence.

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