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Dogs at the Beach

Dogs at Piha Beach

Dogs at Piha Beach

Part of North Piha Beach is an off-leash area for dogs, a godsend for animals and owners.

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  1. The spirit of the West Coast beach!
    Great photograph Paul!

  2. The silhouettes of the men and the dogs is just wonderful. I cannot imagine a more happy photograph than this. Not only is the capture beautiful with the surf rushing up onto the sand, but the image of man playing with his best friend makes it very special. The mis of light and dark and the way they flow one to the other is awesome. This is one memorable picture. Kudos to you. genie

  3. Great shilouette in black. Awesome beach scene. I love this shot.

  4. Great, I love to watch dogs playing…;D

  5. What a fine, silhouetted scene. Those dogs must be having a great time.

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