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Bush Track in Titirangi

Bush Track in Titirangi

The track between Park Road and the Titirangi Community Center and War Memorial Hall; a convenient shortcut to the markets.

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  1. Wasn’t Zigzag the cigarette paper of choice for rolling bongs? Not that I’d know, of course…

  2. What a nice footpath. As blind as I am, I would need to pay attention to where I was stepping or would trip on the boards separating the sections. Love the zigzag to it. Very unusual and very nice. genie

  3. I’d probably manage to fall on my face, but it’s such a wonderful shape! There seem to be hardly any parallel lines.

  4. as others have said it looks a bit of a pitfall if you don’t watch your step

  5. Love this stair…great…:D

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