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Splayed (Regan Gentry)

Splayed (Regan Gentry)

Splayed (Regan Gentry)

One of the works at the Sculpture in the Gardens Exhibitition (at the Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manurewa) is this sculpture by Reagan Gentry (made of 101 galvanised shovels, monel rivets, galvanised screws, galvanised pipes — I did not count the spades, but it looks like two of them went missing between the artist’s website and the one of the exhibition).

In the words of the artist: Splayed was a playful work using spades as a building element for an ambiguous botanically influenced form. The spade was chosen for it’s relevance in the turning of earth that has happened during the creation and development of the Botanic Gardens where the show is based.

Also a picture celebrating that, in between times, summer makes an appearance with some brilliant sunshine.

The exhibition is on until February 12. Go there, enjoy the beautiful gardens and the art!

Splayed (Regan Gentry)

Splayed (Regan Gentry)


  1. Steffe

    Lets hope that there will still be a few shovels left a monthe from now!

  2. Tina´s PicStory

    what a wonderful piece of heaven 🙂

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