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Big Yawn

Big Yawn

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This is Charlie, a Birman cat whose home is in the neighbourhood. Out of the blue, he started almost daily visits, strutting through the doors and requesting attention and admiration. Occasionally just curling up and having a sleep. Or fearlessly jumping onto the railing of our deck, never mind the 4 meter drop. A sweet good-natured cat — despite the fierce appearances here.




  1. A scary cat who isn’t. Lovely!

  2. Good theme day post.

  3. That happened at my place a few years ago. The neighbours cat decided to move in. She is sleeping on the bed behind me as I’m typing this. Charlie is photogenic.

  4. He’s adorable! Very nice of him to grace you with his presence from time to time. I’d like to scratch behind his cute little ears 🙂

  5. He certainly does look a little scary, but I do know that appearances can be deceiving..he’s really just ‘a big pussy cat’ right…

  6. I can see centuries of DNA in that cat!!

  7. Charlie has a major expressive face!!!

  8. The story doesn’t match the image – I don’t think I’d ever seen such a set of teeth in a cat before.
    Good catch!

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