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Flower Chandelier (Choi Jeong Hwa)

Flower Chandelier (Choi Jeong Hwa)

The atrium of the new wing of the Auckland Art Gallery is dominated by this chandelier whose colourful flowers inflate and deflate rhythmically. Here a group of children have taken position to fully take in the impact of colours and movement.

The note by Ron Brownson, Senior Curator New Zealand and Pacific Art reads:

Choi Jeong Hwa’s exuberant inflatable flowers are a trademark of his boundary-crossing art. A pioneer of Korean Neo-Pop, Choi works as an artist, designer, architect and event planner. Drawing from Pop art’s tongue-in-cheek rebellion and celebration of popular culture, Choi’s work has infectious enthusiasm. He rejects the hierarchies separating art from life, saying ‘there shouldn’t be barriers in art’.

Flower Chandelier initiates a cenversation with Albert Park’s gardens, turning the Gallery’s atrium into a gigantic glasshouse. Unlike living flowers, its blooms aspire to immortality: they will breathe continually for an entire year. Flower Chandelier is a gift for Auckland which grew out of contemporary Korea. Like the extravagant fake crystal chandeliers that decorate many newly built Korean apartments, it is a joyful Pop spectacle.

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  1. Steffe

    Never seen inflatable flowers before. A bit on the large scale. and very colorful.

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