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February 20, 2012

Two Pou: Skate Plaza

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Waiatarau (Lenard Phillips)

Waiatarau (Lenard Phillips)

A $1 million skate board and BMX course opened at Beaumont Street in October 2011. It incorporates two pou (Maori carvings in the form of poles), one named Waiatarau, carved by Lenard Phillips, and the other Te Mau Mahara, carved by Lee Ralph – the latter aptly clutching a skateboard, updating traditional shapes.

Quoting from Auckland City Harbour News:

Artist Lenard Philips, who created the first piece, says the area was once a busy fishing spot where shellfish were gathered.

“The waka represents the means by which we gathered our kai.”

Fellow artist Lee Ralph created the latter piece and is proud to have his work on display.

“Maori art is my new passion and skating is my old one so I’ve been able to bring them together. I’m so stoked.”

See some of the action on the Auckland City Harbour News (scroll down for videos).

Te Mau Mahara (Lee Ralph)

Te Mau Mahara (Lee Ralph)

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