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Tangled Web

Power Lines along Scenic Drive

Power Lines along Scenic Drive

The City Daily Photo theme for March is “Electricity”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

Electric power is a necessity of life — and in many Auckland suburbs it still comes through overhead wires. Mostly in neatly arranged lines, but this example can almost compete with the mess of cables under my desk.

Read about wireless transmission of electricity. (This technology has not reached my home yet.)


  1. Julie

    We have a lot of this sort of tangle over here, Paul. Mostly ours is still above ground. Only in new subdivisions does it go below.

  2. Jilly

    The glorious muddle of the cables makes a super photo that is beautifully framed.

  3. Karl

    WOW, this is cable art !!

  4. robert

    remided me a bit of a puzzle. it might take time, yet works 😉 please have a good new month ahead.

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