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Spiral Aloe

Spiral Aloe (<em>Aloe Polyphylla</em>)

Spiral Aloe (<em>Aloe Polyphylla</em>)

I saw this fine specimen of Aloe polyphylla at Moko Artspace, Hot Water Beach.

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  1. Spirals in nature are always interesting to photograph.

  2. I love these sorts of spirals in nature when I find them, Paul. The best examples I have seen were in a special ‘house’ in the botanical gardens in Hobart. Someone had collected them all together. Something to do with the fibonnaci sequence, if I recall correctly.

  3. Wow! This is amazing!

  4. It’s almost hypnotic in its perfection.

  5. This is amazing!
    Very good black and white photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Super great photo!

  7. Lovely. Nice points and lines

  8. What a beatyful plant, great shot…;-D

  9. what a wonderful aloe! great shot in bw 🙂

  10. Excellent view! Best wishes!

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