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Sky Portal to Ascension (Kerry Strongman)

Sky Portal to Ascension (Kerry Strongman)

Sky Portal to Ascension (Kerry Strongman)

This giant gate greets the visitor to the Harbourview Sculpture Trail. It is the work of Kerry Strongman and his team of artisans, Dean, Anita, Johnny and Michael from Te Hana. Medium: Swamp Kauri, Monterey Cyprus. Size: 4100mm high x 3000mm wide x 2000mm deep.

From the notes at the site: “I had a vision this piece some time ago after seeing the devastation left after the last massive flattening by the tsunami in Japan. There amongst the destroyed. totally leveled city a solitary Shinto or Torii gateway stood defiantly. What was so special about this gateway? How was it able to defy Mother Nature’s enormous wrath when all else fell? Part of the story was that it was created from specially blessed timber or perhaps it stood alone by sheer intention. At the same time in our studio we had two huge 2.4 meter high hooks created from 25-45,000 year old swamp Kauri. They were suspended from the ceiling by chains and were touching each other. A strange phenomena started to happen: Instead of some visitors walking around the two giant hooks …..they began to push apart the hooks so that they could actually pass between them …..when questioned as to why they felt the urge to pass between the great hooks rather than around them the most verbalized response was they wanted to feel or experience the “energy” of the ancient Kauri. It was at that time I decided that it would be great to share the experience of the ancient Kauri with others. It was Sally Lush [curator of the Harbourview Sculpture Trail] who helped the concept gel into reality with her invitation to help raise money for Hospice, my most favorite organization. At my studio at Te Hana my team and I create “Jewellery for giants: Larger than life sculptural works for our international client base created almost always in the ancient Kauri.

Mount Albert in the distance, framed by the portal.


  1. Hospice West Auckland

    Hospice West Auckland (the beneficiary of the Sculpture Trail) would like to thank you for these stunning images. It’s lovely to see these beautiful works through different eyes. Thank you

  2. paul

    Thanks for the comment, and thanks for such a beautiful event, I enjoyed my visits.

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