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Joyful Dancing (Wolf Habichhorst)

Joyful Dancing (Wolf Habichhorst)

Joyful Dancing (Wolf Habichhorst)

This sculpture by Wolf Habichhorst at the Harbourview Sculpture Trail is undoubtedly inspired by the forms of the cabbage tree (cordyline sp), one of them visible in the image above, and numerous others in the photo below. Made from patinated copper, aluminium, and solar lights (I have not been there at night, so did not notice any lights).

The Harbourview Sculpture Trail will come to an end on Sunday, 25 March. More images of the trail.

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Art and Nature

Art and Nature


  1. J Bar

    Interesting sculpture.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  2. Gunsside

    Very special, greta shot against the blue blue sky 😉

  3. Tatjana Parkacheva

    Very nice shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. Nathalie in Avignon

    Very nice creations, I like them.

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