Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

Passing by the Library

Onehunga Library

Onehunga Library

The plate glass at the Onehunga Library has rather ornate decorations. I could not resist a shot as I walked past, mixing both sides of the window – and getting an apprehensive look from the students working inside.

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  1. Lachezar

    The decorations, the reflections, the eyes looking at you, it all comes perfectly together for a great photograph!
    I really like it!

  2. Jane

    Nice street shot, like the grain too:)

  3. Mariane

    Amazing photo!! – I love glass like that in doors too. The young man look scared 😉 didn’t you smile at him?

  4. Tatjana Parkacheva

    Excellent black and white photography.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Monica

    Wow,- I really like this photo. So much interesting is going on here,- the decor is wonderful, and I love the face turning against you!

  6. Laura Hegfield

    love the details and the dark eyes looking out at you, so piercing!

  7. lina@home sweet home

    The way he looked at you -attracted me most 🙂

  8. Lucy Corrander

    I like the picture – very much – but feel anxious for the person who may not have wanted their picture taken and now the world can see it.

  9. RobertN

    Great shot! Best wishes!

  10. Dragonstar

    I love this! Spectacular window, amd the reflections give the feeling of peeping into another world.

  11. Auckland

    Every time I look at the Onehunga glass plate photo I discover something new in the photo. This aspect about the glass plate would make it an ideal piece of entertainment to be used in a waiting lounge.

  12. Kara

    I love the way the faces are framed by the etching on the window

  13. Rae Walter

    Love this capture. Well spotted.

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