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Six Sandwiches Till Marmageddon

MMMMM for Marmageddon?

MMMMM for Marmageddon?

At Douglas + Bec on the Urbis Design Day, the catering was in the hands of Cool Food. When I approached the table I witnessed the last Marmite sandwiches disappearing as if they were going out of fashion – which of course they are. Newspapers reported about the impending “Marmageddon“, a shortage of the iconic Kiwi spread Marmite (due to the Christchurch earthquake the only production facility is out of action).

I said I “witnessed” the disappearing act – it would have been cruel to partake of the delicacy as an unappreciative outsider, not having acquired the taste in more than 40 years. I was more than compensated by delicious beef sandwiches and yummy chocolate brownies …

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  1. joan

    Oh no, New Zealanders will have to start eating Vegemite.

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