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At Rest

Universe (Len Lye 1963; Detail)

Universe (Len Lye 1963; Detail)

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Len Lye (1901–1980) was a NZ-born artist who spent most of his life in New York. He is known, among other things for his kinetic sculptures. This is one of my favorites, because of the action and the sound when it is not at rest. You just have to watch the video which I found on youtube (OSMOSIS)! In the present image, I like the simplicity of the lines and the inherent tension.

There is also a brief interview with Len Lye on youtube.

Below is the interpretive text from the Auckland Art Gallery.


  1. Lachezar

    Your photograph does this piece of art justice!
    I spent quite some time watching it and really enjoyed it!

  2. Francisca

    Beautifully balanced monochrome… (need to come back to explore the artist some more). Did he have a show in Auckland?

  3. Dragonstar

    Excellent photo. This is a fascinating installation.

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