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Mainly West of Queen Street - seen through my lens

Stumpy’s Woodfired Pizza

Casting a Spell

Casting a Spell

At the Silo Park market in the Wynyard Quarter. Nice Pizzas.

The City Daily Photo theme for May is “Bakeries”. This mobile pizza oven is my contribution. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Listen to the Sizzle

Listen to the Sizzle


  1. Yes! I can hear the sizzle … Make mine ham & pineapple. A great entry for Bakeries Paul.

  2. An original, creative, and wonderful entry for this theme day. Great portrait!!

  3. Great theme day shots.

  4. Oh, yummy! I like brick oven pizzas, but they’re expensive here.

    I don’t know how he can stand to be so near that heat!

  5. Very good pictures for theme day. I love the approach you have given to the subject.

  6. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll certainly try it when I do!
    Good one Paul!

  7. My kind of place.

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