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May 22, 2012

Parekura’s Feather Trail (Sunnah Thompson and Thomas Barter)

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Parekura's Feather Trail

Parekura's Feather Trail

The walkways around Henderson have decorative ceramic inserts with explanatory tiles. On the Opanuku Walkway we find the story of Parekura’s Feather Trail. The plaque has this to say:

“Parekura’s Feather Trail

Artist: Sunnah Thompson 2009

This artwork commemorates the story of the abduction of Parekura – an ancestor of Te Kawerau A Maki – by Nihotupu of the Turehu people. Parekura was a revered gardener and when Nihotupu came to steal from her garden he decided to abduct her as well. As she was led away into the Waitakere Ranges, Parekura plucked white albatross feathers from her cloak forming a trail by which she might be found. Her husband Panuku followed the feather trail, dispatched the kidnapper Nihotupu and freed Parekura. The Opanuku Stream – Wai O Panuku is named after this ancestor.

This artwork was designed by Sunnah Thompson of Te Kawerau A Maki and was made by the ceramic tile artist Thomas Barter.”

More work by Sunnah Thompson on this blog.

I met Sunnah some time ago at the Mangere Arts Centre where I took the photo below.

Sunnah Thompson

Sunnah Thompson

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