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Painted Boxes: Birdlife — Live and Extinct (Monique Endt)

Huia Birds and Kakapo (Monique Endt)

Huia Birds and Kakapo (Monique Endt)

By the roundabout where Woodlands Park and Minnehaha Roads meet Huia Road, Monique Endt has decorated two large cabinets with images of birds in a bush setting. The Huia and Moa are extinct, while the blue-grey kokako and green kakariki are endangered. Fantail and morepork (our owl) are common parts of our avian population.

There are many boxes by Monique Endt, some of them on this blog.

Moa and other Birds (Monique Endt)

Moa and other Birds (Monique Endt)

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  1. I am starting to see a few of these decorated utility boxes around here, but of course, nothing like these.
    I really like how the birds stand out in amongst the greenery.

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