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Hillsborough Bay

Hillsborough Bay from Orpheus Drive

Hillsborough Bay from Orpheus Drive

This week there have been several occasions when the Manukau Harbour was ever so smooth. Not alway with blue sky, but with nice reflections. I was tempted to submit this picture for the monthly theme of tranquillity — adding that tranquillity also refers to what is excluded, as much as to what is shown. The excluded portion here is the relentless drone of the highway to my right, and if power pylons make your blood boil, you will have to exclude those as well…

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  1. Kay

    This photo is oh so quiet on my computer and the stillness of the water is gorgeous.

  2. Hamilton

    I live near a beach with hydro towers and have come to terms with that.

  3. Catherine

    Lovely symmetry in this shot…

  4. Carver

    That’s a stunning reflection.

  5. Pat, CA, USA

    It looks very serene to me; I don’t mind power pylons. I always like water reflections! You have a pleasing composition in this photo.

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