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Hautaha (coming together)

Hautaha (coming together) by Filipe Tohi

Hautaha (coming together) by Filipe Tohi

This tubular steel sculpture is by Filipe Tohi. An Auckland City Public Arts project from 2004, it stands in front of the Onehunga Library.

Deborah White has the following comments on The Big Idea:
“Filipe has constructed a three metre tall sculpture of stacked steel tube titled “Hautaha” (coming together) based on traditional Tongan lalava lashing. He defines lalava as the intersection of two lines, there is always a male and a female line, and these lines become a metaphor for the ways of the world. He creates patterns that become symbols of human interaction.
“Hautaha” references the coming together of diverse groups from early Maori to colonising Europeans to migrating Pacific Islanders into the region. Filipe sees the form as female, embracing, welcoming and encompassing local residents and visitors to the community. The lashing pattern also references the rope work on the boats visiting the port, from the early Pacific peoples to the sailing ships and modern freight ships today.”

Hautaha (coming together) by Filipe Tohi

Hautaha (coming together) by Filipe Tohi

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  1. Reminiscent of our very own “Lebenskraft”
    (Suggest to the artist that he numbers each piece for easy (and correct) reassembly after cleaning….)

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