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Dancing in Tyler Street



This mural in subtle colours is in Tyler Street, where a whole new classy shopping environment has emerged. I wonder if before long the boards here will give way to another plate glass shop window.

The artwork is unsigned, and a bit further along is a piece about city life, painted onto the brick wall. Maybe remnants of the Lost Playgrounds Event of 2011.

“Walking along I pass a bus stop.
A woman is sitting on the edge
of the seat gazing straight
ahead. She doesn’t seem to be
looking at anything in particular.
As I get nearer I can hear her
humming a single high pitched
note. A man is also waiting and
looks at her sideways, he looks
disapproving. As I pass her I
realise what she is doing. She
is humming the sound of the city.

P.C The Pleasure Corp”

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  1. Cheyenne36

    I saw these sentence in the Tyler Street as well.
    They are simple but touching.
    It’s like finding the small details from this huge city.

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